Why is the Black Ministerial Sermon Resource necessary?

Here are the reasons!!!

Black preaching is unique and distinctive. Black preaching is a tradition developed and perfected in black churches all across this country. Black preaching addresses the spiritual and emotional needs of black people. Black preaching gives scripture truths and texts which can be applied to  circumstances and situations of African Americans. Black preaching is not based upon “illustrations” or cute stories:The sermons in the Black Ministerial Resource will save you  valuable sermon preparation time. The time that you save will allow you to spend more time with your family or other  interests; yet enable you to always have ongoing scriptural facts and information. It will leave you more time to concentrate  on communicating the gospel, using your own unique talents and preaching gifts.    You will no longer need to stay up late on Saturday nights, trying to develop a subject and a text for Sunday morning.  Read  the already preached sermons and watch God give you additional thoughts and spiritual points that will develop into a new  sermon, unique to you and your people.   

Black Ministerial Resource

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